Fossilized “Green River”  Priscacara  Fish  (121921a)


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 Fossilized “Green River”  Priscacara  Fish  (121921a)

  • Name: (2)Priscacara serrata & (1) Knightia
  • Age: Eocene Epoch 40 million yrs
  • Formation: Green River Formation
  • Location: Kemmerer, Wyoming
  • “Postcards from the Past” Interesting preparation depicting the fish as postcards on the larger rock slab.
  • The plate is 10 x 19 x 1.25 inches and has been backed by cabinet grade plywood to make it easy to hang on a wall
  •  Includes info sheet, stand, COA, and free USA shipping
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Dimensions 12 × 19 × 12 in