Hadrosaur Dinosaur Bone (072520j) 


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Partial Authentic Hadrosaur Dinosaur Bone (072520j) 

  • Name: Hadrosaur “Duckbill Dinosaur”
  • Age: Cretaceous – 65 mil yrs
  • Formation: Hell Creek Formation
  • Location: Wibaux, Montana 
  • This is a partial scrap bone that was all that was found of this bone
  • Specimen has been cleaned, hardened and sealed 
  • A Unique opportunity to purchase a True Dinosaur Specimen for your collection or beginning Paleontologist 
  •  Nice Inexpensive Representative  Specimen for your collection
  • Includes a glass top display box, stand, Info Sheet, and COA
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  • Price is $45.00

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