Hadrosaur Dinosaur Leg (010217m)




(98% Perfect) Articulated Juvenile Hadrosaur Dinosaur Leg (010217m)

  • Name: Hadrosaur (Duckbill)  Dinosaur (Juvenile)
  • Age: Cretaceous – 100 mil yrs
  • Formation: Judith River Formation
  • Location: North/Central, Montana 
  • Complete Lower Leg (NO humerus bone)  with Fibula & Tibia, all toe bones, and hooves (toes/unguals)  
  • Super impressive Specimen with its own custom stand (Stands 31 inches Tall)
  • There is less than 5% repair and restoration (One toe has been fabricated))
  • Specimens has been hardened and sealed and comes with a custom made metal display stand
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  • Price is $10,500.00
  • *Super Price Reduction $8,500.00

Additional information

Weight 30 lbs
Dimensions 33 × 33 × 33 in