Hadrosaur (Duckbill Dinosaur) Tail Vertebrae (021022a)




“LARGE” Hadrosaur (Duckbill Dinosaur) Tail Vertebrae (021022a)

  •  Name: Hadrosaurus (Duckbill Dinosaur) 
  • Age: Cretaceous  – 80 mil yrs 
  • Location: Wibaux County, Montana
  •  This is set of Tail Vertebra from the back of the dinosaur
  • Specimens were found in the same area, and have been fused together for a dramatic display piece 
  •  Super Impressive & Very Clean Specimens –  As normal with dinosaur material,, some crack repairs and around 10% restoration 
  • Guaranteed authenticity –Includes custom made wood base with velvet cushions and brass ID plate, information sheet, COA, and free USA Shipping 
  • Set of 4 vertebra – Museum Grade 10++++
  •  For a more detailed explanation click here:
  • **** Price for all four is $585.00

Additional information

Weight 7 lbs
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 12 in