Hadrosaur Tail Section (12 Veterbrae) (034120a) 




Fabulous Hadrosaur Tail Section (12 Veterbrae) (034120a) –—-ON HOLD 04-28-2020

  • Name: Hadrosaur “Duckbill Dinosaur”
  • Age: Cretaceous – 65 mil yrs
  • Formation: Hell Creek Formation
  • Location: Wibaux, Montana 
  • 12 Tail vertebrae that were found in the same location but not together. Some were surface collected and some were excavated, thus explaining the different colors of bone. They are all tail verts and are arranged in correct sequence and possibly all from the same animal as they were all collected in close proximity.
  • A Wonderful Eye Catching  & Spectacular Display Piece !!!!
  • Includes Custom made Red Oak and Iron Display Stand with Brass Information Plate
  • Specimen consists of 12 complete vertebrae that have been cleaned, hardened and sealed , with minimal repair – Length of verts display is 23 inches including felt spacers between the verts.
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  • A Unique opportunity to purchase a True Dinosaur Specimen for your collection
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  • Price is $4800.00—-ON HOLD 04-28-2020

Additional information

Weight 40 lbs
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 25 in