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Isotelus maximus Fossilized Trilobite – Arthropod (040422a) 

*Once “in-a-lifetime” Opportunity*    This species from this location can obtain a maximum size of 16 inches. Over the years, less than 50 of these complete trilobites of 12 inches or larger have been found. Considering the thousands of Trilobite Collectors in the world, this means owning one of these extra large specimens would put you in a very small and  Exclusive Group.  When opportunity knocks, you have to be ready to open the door. (Or live with the regret of missing your opportunity forever) ……Are YOU Ready ?

* 98% Perfect Specimen !! 

  • Name: Isotelus maximus
  • Age: Ordovician –  Age (438 million yrs old)
  • Formation: Waynesville Formation
  • Location: Adams County, Ohio  (*The Official Ohio State Fossil)
    Length of this trilobite is an Amazing 12.5 inches  
  • *Excellent Premier Specimen – Professionally Lab Prepared
  • * For the discriminating collector who demands only the BEST !
    Beautiful, Gigantic , Rare, and Delicate Specimen !!!
    Super-Super Premium Museum Quality –  #10 +++
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Weight 45 lbs
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 15 in