Keichousaurus hui ( 020816n )


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 Keichousaurus hui   ( 020816n )

Adult  Ariticulated Small Swimming Reptile

  • Name: Extinct “Dinosaur-Like Species “– Keichousaurus hui
  • Age: Triassic Age -200 million yrs
  • Formation: Huixia Beds
  • Location: Gua Province, China
  • Very High Quality “REAL” Keichousaur with only minimual repair & restoration
  • Excellent Bone Detail – Matrix Plate is Slate
  • We had several of these “Very High Quality – REAL ” Specimens in storage for over 12 years and have decided now is the time to bring them out for sale. These specimens are from the early days when real high quality specimens of these animals were imported into the USA.  No other fossil dealer will have anything close to this quality unless the specimen comes from a very old private collection.
  • These specimens are rapidly becoming “Very” hard to obtain. If you have been wanting one for your collection , do not wait too long.
  • Specimen has very minimal restoration with that being only touch up coloring on a few bones
  • Museum Specimen Grade
  • For a more detailed explanation  click here:
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