Large Adult Saber Tooth Cat Skull (071123k)… ON HOLD 08/06/23




Large Adult Saber Tooth Cat Skull  (071123k)….. ON HOLD 08/06/23

  • Name: Hoplophoneus primaevus (Saber Tooth Cat)
  • Age: Oligocene – 30 mill yrs
  • Location: Private Land, South Dakota
  • Approximately 20% reconstruction and repair
  • Main Restoration area is back area of skull on the right side
  • Both sabers are real with repairs and some restoration. Center front upper teeth are restored 
  •  Nice Quality Display Specimen – Jaw and skull are glued into fixed open position
  • Specimen has a custom made wood base and can be removed from the display mount when desired
  • One of the Most Highly Desirable Fossils of all Fossil Collections.
  • For a more detailed explanation click here:
  • Price is $7,700.00…... ON HOLD 08/06/23

Additional information

Weight 12 lbs
Dimensions 9 × 9 × 9 in