Large Long Neck Dinosaur Tail Chevron (021523b)

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Large Long Neck Dinosaur Tail Chevron (021523b)

  •  Name:  Atlasaurus Dinosaur  – Sauropod (Plant Eater)
  • Specimen: Chevron – Boney process that extends on the underside of the tail vertebra
  • Formation: Guettioua Formation  Formation
  • Age: Jurassic Age (150 mil yrs)
  • Location:  Azilal Province, Morocco
  • Specifics:
  • This specimen was from a full grown adult Dinosaur
  • Overall Length is 13 inches
  • Impressive  Specimen from an Unusual Dinosaur –  Has several repaired cracks, as is normal with dinosaur fossils, & some minor restoration
  • *Very High Quality “Authentic Dinosaur” Display Specimen – Museum Quality 10++
  • *From Our Classic Display Collection –Custom Mounting on Metal and hardwood stand with Brass ID Plate
  •  Includes specimen, stand, info sheet, COA, and Free USA shipping.
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  •  Price is **** $690.00 

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