Large Natural Ammonite (081523w)


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Large Natural Ammonite (081523w)

  • Name: Procheloniceras sp.
  • Age: Cretaceous Age (136 million yrs)
  • Location: Agadir, Morocco
  • Large Natural Fossil Specimen with some recarving on front side, of the shell lines . Back side is unprepared natural rock
  • *Natural Fossil Cast & Mold Specimen (Not man made)- *Molds are where an animal or plant was buried in mud or soft soil and decayed away, leaving behind an impression of their bodies, leaves, or flowers. Casts are formed when these impressions are filled with other types of sediment that form rocks, which take the place of the animal or plant.
  • Stand, Info Sheet, & COA Included
  • Very stable and heavy , inexpensive specimen for display or teaching use
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