Late Permian Amphibian Diplocaulus Head (091323b)….ON HOLD for Matt R 10/03/23




Rare Near Complete Diplocaulus “Head” (091323b)...ON HOLD for Matt R 10/03/23

  • Name: Diplocaulus magnicornis (Amphibian) 
  • Age: Permian (250 million yrs)
  • Formation: Arbuckle Group
  •  Location: Vera, Texas
  • Diplocaulus was a large newt-like amphibian that lived between 300 and 250 million years ago. Diplocaulus was similar to many amphibians living today. It could live on land and in water. It was around 1m long, making it much larger than most amphibians today, and had a very unusual triangular head!
  • The specimen has a bite mark/hole from a Dimetrodon on the outer right tip of the skull. There has been numerus crack repair and restoration. 
  • This very detailed 3 dimensional specimen has been carefully and professionally prepared.
  • The specimen comes with a custom metal and hardwood base with a brass ID plate
  • Specifics:
  • Width of the head is 11 inches.
  • *This offer is for just the head (The photo showing the full specimen is only to show what the full animal looked like)
  • Extremely Rare and very hard to obtain Museum Grade Specimen 10+++
  • For a more detailed explanation click here: >  click here
  • **** Price $6800.00    …ON HOLD for Matt R 10/03/23

Additional information

Weight 19 lbs
Dimensions 25 × 25 × 25 in