Oviraptor Dinosaur Egg (091823a)


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Very Rare Dinosaur Oviraptor Dinosaur Egg (091823a)

  • Name: Oviraptor (Carnivore) Parataxonomic Family – Dendroolithidae
  • Age: Cretaceous 70 million yrs
  • Formation: Kaoguo
  • Location: Xixia Country, Hanan Province, China
    Professionally Prepared – Super Impressive !!! Is in the original rock as found
    Probably an unhatched egg (?)
    This egg was shipped from China in the early 1990s and has been in a private collection until recently. These are the first dinosaur eggs that showed up on the world market and have since disappeared. These eggs are now near impossible to get or purchase unless from an old collection. The egg assemblages that are seen today are of different eggs not as well shaped or preserved and often put together and not natural.
  • Beautiful Preservation and Presentation * Much better than Photos
    Super Museum Specimen – Very Impressive !!!!! #10++++
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