Santana Formation Fossil Fish (022320m)


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Santana Formation Fossil Fish in Matrix  (022320m)

  • Name: Notelops brama
  • Age: Cretaceous – 100 million yrs
    Formation: Santana Formation
    Location: Serra De Araripe, Brazil 
  • Excellent Scale, Fin, and Head areas
  • The fish specimen of this formation are found in Nodules that you split open to find the positive and negative sides of the same fish.
  • *This specimen is Both halves – The positive side and the Negative side.
  • Length of the fish nodule is 17.5  inches
  • Large & Heavy  – Super Details & very dramatic display specimen
  • These specimens are extremely hard to obtain now unless purchased out of very old private collections
  • For more information on the Santana Deposits  “click here”
  • Our price is $395.00

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